Our name

Photo credit @ Lauren Baker 

You may have already heard of the business concept called ‘follow the sun’. It’s a type of global workflow where tasks are passed around the world between worksites which may be many time zones apart.

The idea is to significantly increase total potential work time per day by literally ‘following the sun’ around the globe, providing around-the-clock service in order to reduce project duration.

With years of experience working in global advertising agencies, solid editorial and copywriting freelance contacts in both the UK and Australia, and an understanding of how the production of marketing, advertising and publication materials are ruled by very tight deadlines, we felt this concept could be applied to the benefit of the international marketing industry.

So we set about using our professional networks to exploit the differing time zones, offering those time-saving benefits directly to our time-pressed clients.

We do more than passively ‘follow’ or even ‘chase’ the sun, though. We proactively ‘catch’ it and harness its power for our clients.

And so… Catch the Sun Communications was born!