‘Copy’ is just a fancy term for the text used in advertisements, so ‘copywriting’ literally means creating the writing used in publicity materials, marketing collateral or websites. Some people also call it ‘content provision’.

We regularly write copy for articles, blogs, social media posts, websites, online and offline ads, brochures, eDMs, prospectuses, direct mail, zines, newsletters, radio and TV scripts, case studies, competitions and more.

We’ve undertaken interviewing and research projects for clients where copy has been developed following a lengthy series of face-to-face, phone and Skype interviews, which we’ve also project managed. You can also hire us for creative campaign work, including the development of slogans, headlines, straplines and ad campaigns.

If you’d like Catch the Sun Communications to provide copy for your business, send an email with your requirements (or we can supply you with a Copy Brief template to fill in, if you’d prefer). If speaking with us face-to-face is best, we can arrange a Skype or FaceTime call, or even a meeting if you’re based in Canberra or Perth. Once we’ve digested your requirements, we’ll be back in touch with any questions, before providing a quote in your choice of GB£ or AU$ and an estimated timeframe.

Once we’ve agreed on what’s required and the quote has been approved, we’ll provide a first draft of copy back to you. We allow for two rounds of client amends in our copywriting quotes, so we can tweak the copy a couple more times, if required, until you’re completely happy with it. Once the copy has been signed off by you, we’ll invoice the job in either GB£ or AU$.