Copy editing

Copy editing means getting written work ready for print or publication so it’s correct and clear, and makes sense. On top of checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency errors, this may also involve amending the copy or suggesting minor structural changes.

Generally, copy editing is done using the ‘Tracked Changes’ tool in Microsoft Word because the work won’t have been set as design or artwork yet. As far as the editing timeline goes, copy editing comes before proofreading.

If you send Catch the Sun Communications a Word document to copy edit, we’ll save a new version of the document to amend and, once complete, will email the marked-up version back to you, along with any additional issues we think need to be flagged or considered.

As you read through our editing suggestions, we’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding the job. Once all queries have been answered, we’ll invoice the job.