About us

Catch the Sun Communications is a virtual freelance communications hub made up of proofreaders, editors, copywriters and other marketing professionals around the world. We service most of our clients remotely, but have a physical office in Canberra, Australia. Our clients are based all across the globe, with a high concentration in the UK (London and Brighton), Europe (Germany) and Australia (Canberra and Sydney).

Catch the Sun was established in 2017 by Maddie Sinclair – a copywriter, proofreader, editor and marketing and PR consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the advertising and marketing communications industry.

Maddie works closely with a small core team of go-to freelancers, while also collaborating with a wider global network of tried and tested professional proofreaders, editors and copywriters, where required.

Catch the Sun uses the talents of these individuals to harness the power of the time difference between the UK/Europe and Australia to provide clients with an almost 24-hour virtual office experience.

Projects for clients in the UK/Europe can be undertaken by proofreaders, editors and copywriters in Australia ‘overnight’, because the UK night is the Australian working day. This also works in reverse, so clients in Australia can be serviced by UK-based freelancers ‘overnight’, during the UK working day.

Whatever your communications project may look like, we can use our global resources to help you accelerate your workflow to easily meet your deadline… no matter how impossible it may appear at first glance.